George Syme

Financial Advisor

(407) 718-0692

George W. Syme, CRPC®  NQPA ™ is a licensed Financial Advisor with over 15 years of experience in providing investment, planning, insurance and retirement consulting to clients. He is currently licensed in Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Michigan, Indiana, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Pennsylvania. George has an additional 6 years of experience in providing finance and insurance solutions across the State of Florida.

George has over 20 years of experience in providing computer system solutions to banks, stock exchanges, and large companies in the insurance, petroleum, communication, entertainment and transportation industries - on a national and international scale. Clients included several Fortune 100 corporations.

George served for 9 years on the superintendent’s technology advisory committee for Orange County Public Schools. He served as a volunteer in STEM education for Seminole County Public Schools for 4 years. George is a member of Rotary of Lake Mary and Rotary International.